What can you do with an FNP degree?

UConn Online Family Nurse Practitioner Master Degree Program Student and Graduate: Angela Pianka Headshot

Angela Pianka

“UConn’s FNP program made becoming an FNP attainable. I worked as a floor nurse on a post-op/medical floor for seven years and truly enjoyed it, but wanted to go further in my career. UConn’s FNP program was a perfect next step. During the program I was able to continue working full time and start my family, all while obtaining an excellent education. The supportive and approachable faculty made juggling my life much more manageable. The curriculum and versatile clinical opportunities the program provided prepared me well for my new role as an FNP.”


UConn Online Family Nurse Practitioner Masters Degree Program Student and Graduate: Nadia Maseto Headshot

Nadia Maseto

“After a 15 year nursing career I knew I wanted to do more. I also knew that one day I wanted to teach and pass my knowledge to younger nurses, which is why I’m now currently pursuing my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at UConn while working as an FNP in a primary care office.

One of the most impactful aspects of the FNP master’s program for me were clinical rotations. The program allows you to choose your own site depending on our area of interest. Also, my professors were always available, whether to discuss an academic question, offer advice on clinical rotations, or assist with final projects.

I find that UConn provides an ideal setting in which to collaborate and build relationships with future nurses, MDs, pharmacists, and researchers. Since I've been in the medical field for a good number of years, I was aware of UConn students’ good reputation at clinical sites due their advanced knowledge, clinical experiences, and work ethic, and am proud to continue this reputation.”


UConn Online Family Nurse Practitioner Masters Degree Program Student and Graduate: Krista Roberts Headshot

Krista Roberts

“After serving as a U.S. Navy Nurse Corps Officer in a primary care clinic, I knew I wanted to be a family nurse practitioner. The school of nursing at the University of Connecticut is professional and welcoming to new students. I learned a great deal and feel I couldn’t have been better prepared to provide quality care to my patients. As an adult learner, having the option to complete the master’s degree and work as a nurse practitioner while pursuing the doctoral degree has provided a better work-life balance and better prepared me for doctoral studies.”